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Project Description
SPGhostTool is a small tool that uses the content export and import APIs to help fix broken file ghosting references in 2007 versions of SharePoint Products and Technologies.


This tool should be considered a code sample at this point, even though it is a functional program. The code has not been thouroughly tested against multiple envrironments or scenarios. Using this tool to add setuppath values to files should only be undertaken to fix broken setuppath values, and should not be used to attempt to add or change the re-ghosting abilities of files that were not originally give the exact same setuppath value. Doing so could severly affect the ability to sucessfully upgrade the site in the future. Backups of the existing sites are highly recommended before using this tool.

IMPORTANT: Please note that these tools are not officially maintained or supported by Microsoft

Support is provided only via the Discussion Board

More information about the underlying issues this tool scannn be used to resolve are detailed at the following: Ghost-Busting (or how to deal with SharePoint ghosted file issues)

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